Thursday, July 11, 2013

Moving Forward...

  Now that every hole on the golf course has been planted, golf maintenance is focusing on mowing, fertilizing, and transitioning back to a playable golf course from a construction zone.  All of the tees, fairways, and approaches are now being mowed three times a week with the exception of holes three and four which were planted last.  The greens are filling in rapidly, and we will be mowing them for the first time next week.
This week has also seen the construction of an expanded short range tee that is nearly ready to be sprigged, as well as an extension of the cart path to the range making it wide enough to accommodate two carts.
Continued fertilization coupled with routine mowing is encouraging all of the surfaces to fill in rapidly, and each day the course looks better.

New grass on the putting green
#1 Green after planting on 6/23

The sprigs on #1 green  2 1/2 weeks later on July 9th 
Expanding the short range tee

Checking grade on the tee

Forming the improved parking area at the short range tee

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