Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Creating a Puttable Surface

  The Champion sprigs on the greens have taken root, and spread out quite well since their planting on June 23rd, and it is now time to begin the fine tuning.  The roots have added stability to the ground they are growing in, but rain and irrigation created a bit of a rough surface while that was happening.  Yesterday, we verti-cut, and topdressed the greens to encourage the plants to continue spreading laterally, but more importantly, to smooth them out and begin to create a puttable surface.  The verti-cut mower helps to redistribute the sand that collects around the plants and return it to the spaces in between sprigs that still need to fill in.  The addition of the topdressing sand aids in filling the voids, but it also protects the crown of the plants from being injured by lower mowing heights.  These processes were very helpful in smoothing out the surface of the new putting greens, and will be repeated often leading up to the course opening.
The verti-cut mower

A pull behind topdresser was used instead of hand spreaders to accommodate the high volume of sand needed
Spreading topdressing sand

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