Monday, July 1, 2013

Grass Everywhere!

  This has been a very exciting week around the golf course as we now have all of the new grasses planted! The first set of holes to be sprigged are now on a regular mowing schedule and continue to fill in. The surfaces planted in the second wave have now been mowed twice and with regular fertilization continue to spread out and fill the voids between sprigs.  The most exciting development of the week however is the Champion Bermudagrass that has been planted, rolled, fertilized and watered constantly since the beginning of the week. The sprigs on the greens are rapidly developing roots, and progressing well.
  The third hole has now been completely rebuilt, with the bunkers and tees shaped this week and sod laid on the banks. The cart path was framed and the concrete was poured on Monday.  Sprigs were planted on all of the surfaces of number three on Friday June 28th and the hole is now being watered constantly to promote root development.

Framing the new cart path on #3
Finishing the cart path at #3 tee
Sodding the blue tee bank on #3
Prepping the fairway bunker on #3 for sand and sod

#3 Fairway bunker with green in the distance

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