Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Progress Update

  Over the past week, the seven acres of sprigs that were planted on May 27th have been watered constantly and they have sprouted roots and begun to turn green again.  Thankfully, the majority of the sprigs had taken root before the heavy rains came and everything held up well. The golf maintenance crew also completed the prep work on the remaining tees and fairways, and weather permitting, the next delivery of sprigs will be planted this week.

Shades of green on #9 fairway as the sprigs begin to grow and fill in

Sprigs filling in on #17

  Despite the weather, the reconstruction of #3 has continued to progress.  Last week the bulkhead wall being installed on the right side of the hole was completed and both drainage and irrigation installation commenced.  The elevation changes and the addition of the bulkhead wall coupled with new sub-surface drainage will serve to alleviate the flooding issues that caused that portion of the course to be closed periodically last year. 

Building the bulkhead wall on #3

Bulkhead wall completed, ready to be backfilled
Superintendent Mike Slack bulldozing soil on #3

Laying out irrigation lines on #3

6" irrigation main line #3

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