Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Greener every day...

  As the first set of fairways continue to fill in and the last three completed take root, work throughout the course continues to gain momentum.  Today we will be removing the covers from the greens to let them air out through this final stretch before they receive the Champion Bermudagrass sprigs.  Once the covers are off of the greens, the minor disruptions from the fumigation process will be smoothed out, the greens mix will be compacted and pre-plant soil amendments will be added.  Prior to sprigging the greens, the perimeters will be sodded.  This will protect the slopes from washing out from the increased irrigation, and defends the green against encroachment from the rough.  We are all very excited to get grass on the greens, and will be posting pictures and explanations as the process continues.

#1 From the tee

#1 Red tee

#1 Fairway being mowed

#7 From the green tee

#7 Fairway

#9 View from the red tee

#10 Blue tee

#10 Fairway
#17 Fairway

#18 Fairway

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