Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fairway, Tee, and Approach No-till conversion

 Approaches and tees were scalped both BEFORE and AFTER the verti-cut process to remove as much material as possible.
 The vertical blades on this triplex cut and pull up any lateral stems on tees and approaches.  This process removes a large portion of the existing grass making room for the new sprigs.
 Scalping approaches behind the verti-cut to remove laterally growing stems.
 After the scalping process the approaches were aerified two times with 3/4" tines on 1.5" spacing.
 Scalping the fairways to remove as much unwanted plant material as possible. The first step in the fairway re-grassing process (after spraying).
 Blowing off the clippings after scalping down fairways.
 Aerifying fairways after the scalping.
 Dragging in soil from the fairway aerification
 Fairway Graden verti-cut unit.  The first of two directions.
Graden lines after one direction

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