Monday, May 6, 2013

Fairway Conversion

  Anyone around the golf course this weekend likely noticed that the fairways and approaches have begun to turn yellow.  This discoloration is the effect of the herbicide used to kill the existing grass and begin the preparations for the re-grassing.  The process of preparing these large areas is very time consuming and it is important that we are able to start immediately upon closing.  Eliminating the existing grass is a crucial step in the process that will result in a more even, full stand of new grass.  We will be spraying these areas again this week to ensure complete eradication of the existing turf.  The rest of the process of re-grassing the fairways will commence immediately upon the closing of the golf course.  Starting Monday May 20th we will be scalping, aerifying, and using the Graden verti-cut unit on the fairways.  This process disrupts a large percentage of the soil in the top 6” and prepares the surface to be sprigged with the Celebration Bermudagrass   Once the sprigs have been planted in the fairways it is imperative that the surface remains moist while the grass develops roots therefor we will be running irrigation repeatedly and the surfaces of the golf course will be soft and wet.  During this time it is important that no one including employees drive or operate any equipment on these areas.  As the new grass fills in and becomes stronger the irrigation cycles will decrease and once the surface is full enough and firm enough mowing will resume.

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