Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Time to Focus on Weed Control

Now that our major cultivation work is out of the way for a while, we can switch gears to focus on detail work and weed control. This week we finished applying a product called Ronstar. Ronstar is a preventive herbicide that works by preventing weed seeds from germinating and reaching the surface. It is blended with a fertilizer so it will also provide a green up effect and assist our turf with filling in after aerification. This application was made to the entire course to help with weed control in our roughs and other surrounding areas. Since different annual weeds germinate with different seasons, we do this application every few months. We will also continue to address spraying of weeds that have already established around the course and in bed areas. With continued applications of preventive herbicides and constant monitoring of weed activity, we can continue to maintain manageable weed populations.
The application was done "wall to wall" with a tractor spreader unit.

Smaller areas that were difficult to get to with the tractor were done with push spreaders.

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