Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No Seed?

Typically, this is the time of year in which golf courses in our region of the state apply overseed for the coming winter months. This year will be a little different for us than years past because of the fact that we have new grasses on all of the playing surfaces. The benefit of overseed is that it provides color and helps to fill in bare areas that go dormant during winter months, however, it also introduces competition with the bermudagrass foundation. Because our grasses will not fully go dormant throughout the winter, they will still be growing and developing root systems, but at a much slower pace than during the summer months. The Celebration bermuda is a very high quality cultivar, and although the growth rates will slow down, its excellent cold tolerance will help to retain color and deter cold stress. Because our playing surfaces are all new, they will need the full benefits of the water and nutrients they will receive through fertilizer to continue to properly develop and to avoid thinning out because of competition from the seeded grasses as they move into the transitional period in the coming Spring. We will be doing a minimal amount of seeding to certain areas including the range tees, short range tee, par 3 tees, and chipping green area because of the fact that those areas take on more traffic and divots. So although the course may not have as much color as it would if we had seeded, the overall health and strength of our bermudagrass foundation will doubly benefit.
Topdressing the seed on 5 tee to insure good soil contact

Seeding 5 tee

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