Friday, September 13, 2013

Nearly there...

  The past month has been a busy one around the golf course here at Avila.  The grounds maintenance team has been working diligently to hone the course and prepare all of the new surfaces for play.  We are all getting excited as we see our hard work come to fruition, and each new day brings us closer to the exceptional playing conditions we have been striving towards.  Below are a few pictures from the past month, some of the processes shown have been repeated multiple times to refine each surface.  Others depict some of the final touches being applied to prepare for the course opening.  The tentative opening date is Friday September 27th, and more information regarding the opening weekend will be sent out next week from the golf shop.

The Bunkers have received a bit of attention to provide more consistent lies

Sand was added or removed as necessary in addition to being tilled, evened out, and tamped, as shown above, to help eliminate fried egg lies

Rolling all surfaces of the new #3
All of the tees and approaches have been topdressed with sand to smooth the surface, improve plant health, and provide better playability

Dragging in the topdressing sand

#4 Green

The rebuilt bunker on the right side of #16 green

#6 approach

#2 view from the fairway

This week, fresh pine straw was added to all of the bed areas

Even Randy couldn't resist getting in on the action

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